Baby Shaper
It is extremely simple, there are only two actions possible, swiping and touching. You swipe a finger around the screen to drop colorful random shapes that will fly around and you touch a shape to pop it. The backgrounds will automatically change to help keep your child’s attention. Baby Shaper resumes when exited to support both saved states and unexpected exits that can occur when your child hits the home button. Baby Shaper - Gnomesoft, LLC
Baby Painter
By far one of the easiest painting app available. Your child can use a single finger or all their fingers, they can have one or more friends draw with them. The color will change with each new line automatically to keep the painting colorful. The size of the line is based on how long they hold their finger down before they start drawing. The size the the line and the color that will be used is shown in a growing circle under each finger. Then when they are ready to start over simply shake the device. Baby Painter - Gnomesoft, LLC
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